Ballard House provides accommodation and care for up to six young people between the ages of 8-17 years of either gender, however, consideration may be given to extending the maximum age to 18 years of age, if this was felt to be appropriate. Ballard House provides care for young people with a wide range of needs.  These will include mild to moderate learning difficulties, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Ballard House Children’s Home is in Lowestoft, which is a coastal town in North Suffolk, with excellent walks and stunning coastal scenery. The home is situated near the town centre and is ideally located to access the sports centre, parks, swimming pool, athletics, beach, youth clubs, drama, tennis etc. The town centre has a wealth of retail shops as well as coffee shops and eateries. There is also a library close by. We are close to the main bus station which offers travel around Suffolk as well as the local area. The railway station with its large car park, allows for travel to neighbouring counties such as Norfolk and Essex, and also there is a good link to London. There is also good access to the A12, with Ipswich approximately 45 miles in one direction, and Norwich approximately 28 miles in the other direction.

At Ballard House we believe that the young people we look after should not just be well cared for, but also feel cared about.  We believe that expressing authentic warmth and unconditional positive regard is important when helping young people achieve their potential.  

Our goal is to create an environment where young people can feel safe and begin to recover from the difficult experiences and disruption they have experienced in their lives and to help them achieve individual success, maximising their life chances.

We will treat each young person as an individual, recognising their unique needs.

 We will take into account each young person’s ethnicity and diversity, sexual orientation and gender in how we care for them.  

We also recognise and appreciate that most young people have strong opinions about how they want to be cared for; they want to be heard and we intend to incorporate their positive ideas into the way we care for them.

Our approach to caring for young people will encompass the Quality Standards.

 We will ensure that our services are delivered in such a manner that we actively promote each young person’s health, safety and enjoyment.  

We strive to turn out well balanced adults who can make a positive contribution into society, while enjoying their own satisfying lives.

 Economic well-being, ethnicity and diversity are also promoted.  

Throughout their stay at Ballard House we will endeavour to encourage and support our young people to become as independent as possible, at a pace that is comfortable and realistic for them.

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